Elf on the shelf – a diary

Elves on the shelf

We are Candy and Cane!




The first night we brought breakfast from the north pole, the Polar Express DVD and their advent calendars to begin the countdown to Christmas! The boys were very excited to get their very own elves. #24sleepstogo


DSC_6219 (1)

With #23sleepstogo we set up camp in the boys room whilst they were away. We stayed up all night watching their favourite films.



With #22sleepstogo we played in the bath. We got messy with their bath paints and sailed around on their Noah’s ark.



With #21sleepstogo we played dinosaurs. We found a really cool dinosaur backdrop upstairs so we put it up behind the Christmas tree. Things got a little heated between the T-Rex and Raptor!


With #20sleepstogo we had a teddy bear picnic with some of the boys favourite toys. We found lots of tasty treats in the kitchen. Yummy!



With #19sleepstogo we brought some snow back from the north pole, we had lots of fun on our sleigh! I’m not sure their mummy appreciated it as much they did.



With #18sleepstogo we thought we would get some elf dust for the boys., everyone knows elf dust makes all your wishes come true. Things got a little messy so we tried to clean it up, but this accidentally happened.



With #17sleepstogo we felt bad for being naughty and eating all their treats again, so we made pancakes to say sorry!


With #16sleepstogo we thought we would practice our wrapping by wrapping up the Christmas tree, well we tried but we ran out of paper.



With #15sleepstogo we thought we would catch up on some washing. Cane somehow got stuck in the washing machine, it wasn’t me! – Lots of love Cane xx


With #14sleepstogo and the boys feeling unwell, we decided to leave them a present so they don’t get bored stuck in the house. A decorate your own LED plaster tree, it sounds like lots of fun. Cane somehow got tied up on the train track, he’s still there now. – Lots of love Cane xx


So with #13sleepstogo we are trying to be really good now that Christmas is getting closer. This morning we brought the boys more gifts, a Christmas activity book and a gingerbread man kit. Hopefully they feel better soon.



With #12sleepstogo I think Candy finally got what was coming to him – Love Cane x



With #11sleepstogo we had a snowball fight with some friends. It was lots of fun and Noah joined in when he woke up. He joined team Candy!


With #10sleepstogo we stayed up all night playing card games. We saw Noah playing snap with his mummy last night, so we thought we’d have some fun as well.


So with #9sleepstogo, and finally in single figures! We were just so excited we had to make snow angels! Noah wanted to give us a bath when he found us. We quickly hid!



With #8sleepstogo we held auditions for a Christmas pantomine. Oh how we love pantomines, we don’t have much to work with in terms of talent but we will see what we can do. – Love Candy and Cane x



With only #7sleepstogo, we got so excited that in exactly one week it will be the big day. We helped ourselves to a nice can of Dr Pepper out of the fridge. It sent us a bit hyper and we ended up getting up to mischief. It was lots of fun swinging from the light, but I’m not sure how Cane got stuck in the tub. – love Candy x


With #6sleepstogo we had a reindeer ride in the front room. It was lots of fun!


With #5sleepstogo we got a bit carried away whilst looking at the crackers. We nearly pulled one, but Noah and Tommy came downstairs and caught us!



With #4sleepstogo we tried to do a nice thing and leave the boys a Christmas hellium balloon. But Candy got his leg caught on the string. Woops!

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