Homeschooling – Day 2

Today we started much the same with Super Movers, then moving swiftly onto phonics and writing. After practising our sounds and writing we listened to Jolly Phonics Phase Two and Phonics Digraphs Phase 3. We stopped again for a break and snack (these breaks are extremely important), the boys then played outside with some chalk for five minutes whilst I hung some washing out. When we came back in we completed Cosmic Kids Yoga before starting our History/Art lesson. We continued learning about early Humans and started looking at Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, for which we created our own cave wall hand painting. After we made our own woolly mammoths from play dough, we also made our own Jomon pots – there were the first pots made by hunter-gathers, they were made in Japan. After lunch we spent some more time in the garden playing on the trampoline and chalks, then when we came back in we played the Shopping List game (we absolutely love this one!) before starting our maths and finished of with another episode each of Numberblocks and Numberjacks. Next we went onto reading again – the books pretty much the same as yesterday, except Noah read Tim’s Din and we read our Agents of Feels – Feeling Scared. Last of all we played a game of our Word Jenga to conclude our reading lesson and then returned to Cosmic Kids for an episode of Zen Den. After our mindfulness we went onto Pebble 365 to look at todays photo, Noah didn’t like it so we searched backwards until we found one that he did. We found one with a dog sticking his nose out of his house at the bottom of a tree, we discussed what was happening and what might happen next before the boys filled out their Story Telling Comic Sheets. Noahs story was very creative and goes as follows: He sticking his tongue out (title) ‘Bonjour’ Toby said to Mummy. (drawing of Toby sticking his nose out of his house.) Come out, Mummy thinks. (drawing of Mummy thinking.) ‘Lets do and experiment.’ Mummy said to Toby. (drawing of Mummy and Toby outside of his house.) ‘Make you disappear.’ (drawing of Mummy talking to Toby.) Toby was sad. ‘This ice will work.’ It melts and Mummy adds some food colouring. (drawing of Mummy holding ice.) POOOOF! Toby disappears. (drawing of Mummy throwing ice at Toby.) Finally, we finished off our day with some Journaling, reflecting and recording what we done today. I’m super proud of both the boys today, they have worked really hard!
Download this image to print at home, I’m happy to email the original file if there’s any problems, just get in touch!

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