Rainbows in the window

We decided to get involved with the trending rainbows in the window (in response to COVID-19), as seen on groups such as #windowontheworld. However, with Easter approaching we decided to add a little twist and use our rainbow colours to create rabbits and eggs for our display.

Our finished rainbow bunnies and eggs in our window for our neighbours to see.

To start, we got some cardboard we had ready for recycling and cut out our bunny shapes. We cut the whole in their tummies very carefully so we could use that piece for the eggs. I drew out the templates in pencil before cutting, you can design yours how you like.

Once the pieces were all cut out we painted them, once they were dry we done a second coat.

Whilst the paint dried we moved on to making the rabbits tummies. We cut a piece of A4 coloured card in half, then carefully folding it in half (without creasing it) we cut lines across, leaving a 2 cm gap along the edge. Then taking more coloured card, we cut them into strips or equal width. We then carefully weaved the strips through the card, alternating each side to create a pattern.

Once we had created our weaves, we stuck them to the back of the bunnies with cello-tape. Once secured we trimmed the edges so none of the card overlapped.

Next, we finished painting our eggs by adding patterns. Finally we drew eyes, a nose and mouth on each of our bunnies.

Last of all we stuck our finished creations in our window, in the hope we will bring a smile to some passers by. We are thinking of adding a bear now to get involved with the bear hunt.

We would love to see your window displays if you are taking part!

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