Homeschooling – Day 1

We started our day with Super Movers , before jumping into phonics and writing. Noah picked a couple of sounds from his word mat to practice and then used them in short sentences and Tommy practised writing his name.
Our written work from today.
We had a quick break for a snack and some yoga, Noah absolutely loves Cosmic Kids and does this a lot at home. After this we started are History/Art lesson and learnt about early humans, ‘Cave men’. We began by pretending our cardboard house was a cave and drew some cave drawings, the boys enjoyed drawing stick people and animals in their house. After that we used tissue paper to create a fire on the wall, we also thought about the food our early ancestors would have eaten. The boys had fun drawing a plate of food that included: Berries, nuts, seeds, leaves, grass, snails, fish, meat and eggs. This is definitely an era I would love to re-enact in full with the boys sometime. After lunch we done some maths. Tommy drew some shapes in his book and Noah completed some Number Block questions, he practised using a ruler to draw lines and create squares. Then they watched one episode of Number Blocks and one episode of Number Jacks. Next we moved onto reading, Noah read Sid’s Pit to me whilst Tommy looked at his dinosaur book. After we read one of our Agents of Feels books (excellent books to talk about emotions with little ones) and then we spoke about how we feel today, filling out some of our How are you feeling today? activity book. Finally, I read the boys a few more pages of Romeo and Juliet (from the Shakespeare children’s collection). After reading we returned to Cosmic Kids, but this time for Zen den. Then we logged onto Pobble365 to look at today’s picture, we discussed what we could see in the photo and then Noah drew a picture for story telling. He told me what was happening in the picture and I scribed on top, he came up with a story about an Ice Monster who couldn’t reach the nuts from a nut tree. Tommy continued looking at books. Finally, both boys wrote in their daily journals and drew a picture about what they had done today. I wrote out some words in Tommy’s book for him to trace over and then he drew a picture of shapes and said ‘I done my shapes today’. Noah wrote that we have learnt about humans and that our house was a cave, he also drew some lovely images to go with it. After all our fun, the boys had time on their tablets, playing Number blocks, NumBots and Teach Your Monster to Read.

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