Christmas tuff tray

Make use of all the extra packaging we’re all receiving this time of year and set up a lovely Christmas themed tuff tray. The bubble wrap provides lots of fun being popped and can act as ‘ice’. The polystyrene foam shapes are excellent to squish and act as ‘snow’. The tissue paper is also another ‘snow/ice’ substitute and can be scrunched and crunched. The straw can also have multiple purposes, eg. a bed if you chose a nativity scene, Reindeer food, or even a Robin’s nest maybe? I chucked in some other christmas bits including an old wreath, baubles, fake snow balls, an old star tree topper and the boys felt gingerbread house for that extra festive fun. Noah was actually super proud of himself for using the wreath, straw and baubles to make a nest! The possibilities are endless with this one! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Copyright © 2018-2019 All rights reserved Stephanie Brady

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