New year, new you?

We all say it every year don’t we Haha!

But honestly if you are persuing the ‘New year, new me’ attitude, then I can’t recommend this diary enough!

To be honest it almost feels insulting calling it a diary, it is so much more than that, it really is a life planner.

I bought this back in August when I was sat round my friends house beginning the application for my divorce. She has one and also couldn’t recommend this little book of motivation enough.

Well it arrived and I started filling it out, the first few pages are about life goals, how you see your future, motivation, distractions etc. Then there’s also plans on how to achieve and by when.

It was also during that visit that she encouraged me to go on a date that I had been putting off and wasn’t sure about. I finally went for it and he turned out to be a great guy. We clicked and got really well, I even messaged her thanking her for encouraging me to go.

It was a little bit ‘head over heels’ and we spoke about futures and meeting each others kids. Well during these talks it became apparent that we wanted different things, for example he wanted to get married one day and I wasn’t so keen due to how the first time worked out for me. There was also other things like dogs, location of future living etc.

Now I’m about to discuss something I NEVER talk about… my mental health. I do struggle, I have for a long time. In fact during and after my marriage breakdown it got really bad. I like to pretend I’m alot stronger than I am, and try to push through, but this time I couldn’t, my anxiety was the worst it had ever been and I was having physical symptoms, really scary physical symptoms. Eventually, after failing to self medicate and meditate, I admitted defeat and went to my doctors. I was put on tablets to help my anxiety, and gradually they were increased until I reached the maximum dose, and I started to feel better.

Now let’s fast forward to where I met this great guy, I was feeling great, the best I had in a really, really (years in fact) long time. So me being me (maybe a tiny bit stubborn) decided I could come off my tablets. I gradually started reducing my tablets. BIG MISTAKE!

I relapsed, and it was awful! I generally like to think I’m quite a chill person, I was far from chill. The doctor said each relapse is worse, he wasn’t lying!

During all this my handy little life planner (which I will never be without again) got a little bit neglected, a little bit forgotten. I turned in to someone who was far from chill, and apparently who goals, aspirations and dreams changed as well!

Now you’re probably questioning the relvance to this story, and I myself have even whilst writing it, but I promise there is a point to it.

After my not so chill self had finished scaring this guy away completely, I picked up my life planner in despair and delved into completing my next goals. Whilst looking back over my goals, I found a statement I’d written where it asked me to write what I envisioned my future to look like…

Turns out I originally envisioned my future pretty much identical to how this guy had described his own dream, and apparently completely forgot all about it.

Moral of the story is this life planner has so much potential, dont just put it down and forget about it. Fill it out and do what it says, reread it to yourself everyday to motivate you, to make the dreams a reality. No matter how bad things get or how off course, don’t forget your goals, don’t forget your dreams. Use this book to keep you on track, to remind you and drive you toward what you really want, even when things get too much and you forget.

I’ve had a very testing year and the last few months have been extremely difficult, but I’m plowing through and super proud to say I have now completed 5, nearly 6 (Lapland in January) of my life goals that I jotted down in August.

Don’t ever give up, and seriously get this book and let it be your life partner!

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