Easter/Spring tuff tray

This tuff tray set up is perfect for spring and got us talking about Easter. We used flowers to represent all the new growth at this time of year, play eggs which are always prominent at Easter, and toy farm animals to represent all the new baby animals that are born in spring time. The blue and green tissue paper they are laying on represents the water and growing greens that make this new life thrive. The straw is essential at this time of year, used for nests, bedding and food for the growing animal families.


The boys went straight in for the farm animals first , I knew they would. They love playing with animals and mimicking the sounds they make.


They then began exploring the rest of the tray with the animals, burying them in the straw and they even placed the chickens with ‘their eggs’.


Finally they played with the flowers, smelling them and enjoying feeling the petals.


This tray is a lovely way to explore key features of spring and as a talking point to learn more about Easter.


Copyright © 2018-2019 All rights reserved Stephanie Brady

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