Animal kingdom

Today when the boys came home from nursery I had an animal kingdom set up for them.


I thought to myself as I eagerly awaited their return, ‘They are going to love this safari land’. Noah runs in and instantly shouts ‘wow mummy a farm’ (close enough).

We got loads of the straw from a gift hamper at Christmas so I kept it knowing we would find uses for it in our activities. I’m eager to see what uses we can make of it at easter. I then used one of Tommy’s bedsheets for the water (quick thinking mama).


First we discussed what animals might be friends and we grouped them together. Then we thought about where they might live. If it would be in the water, near it, hiding in the desert grass or by the trees.


Noah and Tommy then had lots of fun hiding the animals, and even more pulling the straw apart to look for them. We also practiced our animal sounds.

Afterwards we turned our safari land into a dinosaur kingdom for even more fun.



Copyright © 2018 All right reserved Stephanie Brady

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