Why is role play so important?

We’ve been poorly with yet another cold, so we’ve been staying in the warm and entertaining ourselves indoors. With the Christmas decorations down we have alot more space, so we set up shops today. We set up baskets filled with items to buy as well as a trolley and basket bay.

The boys had lots of fun browsing the different items and choosing what they were going to put in their trolley and basket. Tommy even took his baby shopping.

Role play is wonderful for the imagination, but it also helps develop communication and social skills. Playing shops also encourages development with numbers when paying for their goods.

We even explored problem solving when Noah couldn’t fit his shopping bag onto his bike with him. He hooked it onto the back! Yes we even had the bike and jeep involved, driving to and from the shop. Their coordination skills need improvement that’s for sure. I genuinely fear for my furniture (and my feet)!

We also got crafty before this even begun and designed our own shopping bags with canvas bags and fabric pens.

What’s your favourite role play?


Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved Stephanie Brady

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